Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

Hello fellow podcast listeners! Well, it’s another beautiful Spring day outside as I continue to slowly pack up my house in preparation for my cross-country move. Obviously this means that I have a podcast cranked up so that I can hear it from every room I wander in and out of.  I find it really helps with the drudgery that is organizing all of the stuff I’ve collected over the years, and trying to organize it into the different keep-donate-sell piles. And that podcast I’ve got going today my friends, is Let’s Not Meet…. Read More

Spooky Podcasts That Will Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

Happy Halloween Podcast World! This is the perfect time of year to get into the spirit of getting the pants scared off of you, and what better way to do that then by over indulging in that candy you bought for the kids while listening to some hair-raising and terrifying tales? I’ve put together a roundup of some great podcasts that range from short horror fiction, true stories to to some full-on audio drama series that you can fully immerse yourselves in and really feel that Halloween spirit. So, let’s skip the… Read More

The Phenomenon

Do not go outside. Do not look at the sky. Do not make noise. After a chilling Silent Hill-esque siren noise, these words are your first impression when starting the science-fiction podcast “The Phenomenon“, and I freaking love it. Good day friends! Today I wanted to share an awesome new podcast with you all, because I binge-listened to it in one evening and squealed with delight once the latest episode was released. That’s how I figured out that it was a worthy suggestion for anyone looking for a new serial-fiction podcast. If… Read More

The Big Loop

Hey friends! How’s everybody doing with their New Year’s resolutions? I’ve been working on meal planning and prepping, and just trying to eat healthier in general. I’ll admit that today I was HANGRY because I’m trying to get used to not constantly shoving cookies into my face, so to all the people who have had to interact with me and have no choice but to feel my hungry wrath, sorry. Give me another week and I’m sure I’ll mellow out. Today I wanted to share with you The Big Loop, a fantastic… Read More

And That’s Why We Drink

Good day podcast world! It’s a beautiful, freezing cold day here in Western Canada, and I write this bundled up in front of my fireplace with hot coffee within reach. Today’s post was going to be something completely different, but I recently started listening to a new podcast. Because of this, I have been caught in some kind of time warp where I have to play one episode right after the other. Before I’ve realized it, I’ve listened to 20 episodes, I’m pretty sure I’m good friends with the hosts and I’ve… Read More

The Best Halloween Podcast Episodes of 2017

Happy (belated) Halloween podcast world! The most wonderfully haunting time of year has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still experience Halloween cheer.  It’s during this season that many of my favorite podcasts release special Halloween episodes, or just like to scare us all year round. In celebration of this most scary time of year, I wanted to give you all recommendations of the best listening for increasing your heart rate, sweating profusely and crying yourself to sleep. So, read on, and tune your podcast apps to these fear-inducing… Read More

The Black Tapes

Hey there podcast world! As October steadily creeps by and Halloween lies in wait, I thought I would continue down the dark foreboding path of spooky podcasts to get us into the spirit of the upcoming day of costumes, candy and the urge to visit anything potentially haunted. For these reasons, I decided to go back and re-listen to the first two seasons of The Black Tapes podcast to get the story fresh in my head for the new season. For those of you who have been living under a rock (like… Read More

Tonight, There Will Be NoSleep

Happy October fellow podcast lovers! This fall season brings us pumpkin spice, over indulging on hearty foods to build up that winter fluff needed for Canadian winters, and of course looking for reasons to scare the living bejeebers out of ourselves. What better way to celebrate this spooky season, and jump start this brand spanking new blog, than by introducing you to my absolute all-time favorite podcast, which just so happens to be horror fiction. I’m talking about The NoSleep Podcast. NoSleep originated from a Reddit forum in 2010 and was a… Read More