Tonight, There Will Be NoSleep

Happy October fellow podcast lovers!

This fall season brings us pumpkin spice, over indulging on hearty foods to build up that winter fluff needed for Canadian winters, and of course looking for reasons to scare the living bejeebers out of ourselves. What better way to celebrate this spooky season, and jump start this brand spanking new blog, than by introducing you to my absolute all-time favorite podcast, which just so happens to be horror fiction. I’m talking about The NoSleep Podcast.

NoSleep originated from a Reddit forum in 2010 and was a way for people to post their own scary stories. The podcast became official in 2011 and has evolved from short 40-minute episodes released every two weeks with single person narration, to a weekly 1-2-hour podcast (depending on whether you are a season pass member) with a full cast of very talented voice actors.

If you’re not a season pass member, your episodes start with an ad for sponsors of the show, but the NoSleep cast, as creative as they are, make them fun little horror stories. I always find that other podcasts will try to shoe-horn ads from their sponsors throughout their episodes, so I appreciated the efforts of the NoSleep team to make them interesting before I was a season pass member.

David Cummings, the host since the very beginning, really makes the show what it is. His dark and soothing voice sets the mood for the onslaught(er) of original stories and continues to lend his voice to roles in many of the terrifying tales. No Sleep is the definition of quality, with its talented authors whose themes range from the blood and gore, to monsters and to mysteries, which really showcases all different perspectives of the horror genre.

I know that I already mentioned the voice actors, but they deserve some serious credit. I always feel like each actor is so well suited to the story that they are narrating. I think that they are a big reason as to why the podcast has been such a success, and why it continues to draw people into the horror genre. I of course must give a shout out to Brandon Boone, NoSleep’s music composer, who does such a good job of creating music for each different story to bring them to life.

Before I fell into the Sleepless Community, I would have a lot of trouble sleeping as my mind tends to work overtime when I’m just lying there. Does anyone else suddenly think of the dumbest things they’ve ever done in their entire life while trying to fall asleep? Thanks for that, brain.

Luckily, with the combination of David’s soothing (yet sometimes terrifying) voice, the stories of the contributors and the blood curling screams and terror coming from the voice actors, I am lulled into a different world where I can lose myself and temporarily forget my responsibilities.

So, if I haven’t yet convinced you to rush to your preferred podcast app and subscribe to the NoSleep podcast and listen to its greatness, then please go back to the top of this post and re-read all the excellent points I made and realize that I can’t possibly be wrong.

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Until next time friends, take care and keep listening!




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