Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

Hello fellow podcast listeners!

Well, it’s another beautiful Spring day outside as I continue to slowly pack up my house in preparation for my cross-country move. Obviously this means that I have a podcast cranked up so that I can hear it from every room I wander in and out of.

 I find it really helps with the drudgery that is organizing all of the stuff I’ve collected over the years, and trying to organize it into the different keep-donate-sell piles. And that podcast I’ve got going today my friends, is Let’s Not Meet.

Like my all time favorite podcast NoSleep, Let’s Not Meet originated from a Reddit forum and is still a very popular thread. The difference between these to anthology style podcasts however, is that this one is based on life’s true horror stories. Host Andrew Tate collects and narrates stories from listeners who send in their startling accounts.

Episodes are comprised of several short stories that share the teller’s unique encounter with a person that leaves a lasting impression- one of which they would prefer to not experience again. You’ll hear about stalker’s, lurkers, and close calls with society’s darkest and most awkward humans.  

This podcast recently got a reboot early this year after it was announced that the show was coming to an end, but an outpouring of support came in from the fans. Past episodes are being re-recorded with guest hosts helping narrate the most popular stories.

I am seriously addicted to this podcast as it throws me into the world of unusual human behavior, which is an area I am endlessly fascinated by. I really think you should give it a try, starting with one of my favorite episodes, Sleepover, but the season 1 finale Blueberry was also pretty great.

You can find Let’s Not Meet on your go-to app for all your podcast listening, and I want to hear what you think! Comment below or come find me on my socials.

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Survival: A Podcast with Amazing True Stories of Human Resilience

Good day dear readers!

Wow, it has been quite a bit of time since I last published an article! Life has changed so much over this last 6 months. I started a new job, went on my honeymoon to NOLA (which was flipping fantastic, by the way) and now I’m packing up my house to move out of province.

When things get crazy, sometimes you have to make the decision to push your passion to the back-burner until you just have to get back to it. It’s crazy how quickly time gets away from you, but I’m back and ready to dive in to some of my latest podcast finds I think you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the Parcast Network, who really seem to be churning out new podcasts all of the time, including Serial Killers, Female Criminals and Tales. I actually am a fan of several of their podcasts because of the fact that episodes are well researched, every episode demonstrates good production value, and I really enjoy the way they detail people history and events they cover.  

I find that the only downside that bothers me once in a blue moon is that Parcast podcasts have a very obvious formula that they use for their shows. Every show from this network clearly uses the same format, with copying of the opening script, and that the different hosts between shows have a very similar cadence.

It can make it feel very cookie cutter-esque, especially if you’re moving right from one show to the next. However, it obviously is a successful route that works for them and I still tune in regularly to my favorites, regardless of this very small and occasional annoyance.

One of their newest podcasts that I am loving is Survival, which examines human resilience and the will to live. This is a topic I’ve always found to be so interesting, and am constantly amazed by the snap decisions that people make in a dangerous event.

Survival is about people who live to talk about the impossible situations they were faced with when the odds were against them. The hosts of Survival do a thorough job of telling the true stories while captivating the listener, using an observer-third person narration style that makes it easy to fall into.  

Episodes are dramatic 2-part stories that follow the life and death circumstances of different survivors, from the time leading up to the trauma to dealing with the aftermath of the life altering event. This show highlights the basic human flight or flight instincts and discusses psychological motivations behind the survivors actions.

I personally love podcasts that tell me about pivotal moments in other people’s lives, as I’ve always been curious about differences in human behavior to stressful circumstances. If this also sounds like you, then I do think you’d also really enjoy this podcast

You can find Survival on your favorite go-to app and let me know what you think by commenting below or come find me on social media.

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Spooky Podcasts That Will Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

moon-703538_1280Happy Halloween Podcast World!

This is the perfect time of year to get into the spirit of getting the pants scared off of you, and what better way to do that then by over indulging in that candy you bought for the kids while listening to some hair-raising and terrifying tales?

I’ve put together a roundup of some great podcasts that range from short horror fiction, true stories to to some full-on audio drama series that you can fully immerse yourselves in and really feel that Halloween spirit. So, let’s skip the small talk and get right into this scary selection!

Olive Hill: This one is a brand new podcast that falls into the mystery or horror audio drama category. It has a very investigative journalism-like feel, but with strange occurrences rather than true crime. It’s set in the town Olive Hill and is based in the year 2001. Two girls disappear into the Daniel Boone National Forest. What makes this disappearance so strange, is that it was the middle of the night, the girls were not together, and they just stopped what they were doing and headed for the woods, never to be found. This podcast promises strangeness and intrigue.

The Grey Rooms: Get ready for a new horror anthology series that will officially be released on November 30th, 2018. There are a couple of teaser episodes that are already available, and leave you wanting to hear more. Every episode will feature a character named Raymond, who at the start of each episode, awakes to find himself in The Grey Rooms.  He must choose and go through a door that will either free him or condemn him to the torture and downfall of characters in each episode’s story line. So far, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve listened to, even though their second episode has too much of a creepy crawly factor for my liking, but I still think it’s well worth the listen!

The White Vault: If you’re into slow burning horror audio drama, then this podcast is for you. This adventure takes us on an expedition to a remote arctic region, where a repair team is unsettled to discover that there may be something lying in wait beneath the ice. This story is told through a compilation of records and data sent to an outpost, and the fear of the unknown mixed with complete isolation makes this podcast a new binge-worthy favorite for those of us that love this genre.

The NoSleep Podcast: Buckle in kiddies, because this podcast intends to scare and disturb you. Originating from a Reddit forum in 2010, NoSleep features terrifying tales presented by a full cast of talented voice actors and contributors. It’s no secret that this one is my favorite go-to podcast, because I feel like it inspires creativity and sleepless nights. The NoSleep podcast features horror fiction with a great diversity of themes that range from the gore, to monsters, mysteries, and really just showcases all different perspectives of the horror genre. There are hundreds of hours of content available for free, and an awesome season pass program that gives you access to even more horrific stories. I highly recommend this one and give it a 10/10.

Euphomet: If you’re curious about the world of the paranormal, strange happenings, and the great unknown, then you’ll be into this podcast. The host Jim Perry and guests explore true stories based on first-hand experiences with unexplained and unusual phenomena. Episodes are presented like a radio diary, going in-depth into each person’s paranormal experience. It really draws you in right away and will create that creepy atmosphere that you’re looking for.

Spooked: I am really into the storytelling format of Spooked. It’s a podcast that features strange happenings in people’s lives, but it’s not just a typical “hauntings” podcast. With Spooked, you’ll venture into the unknown and the world of the supernatural through the eyes of people that have experienced an unusual dose of reality. The host Glynn Washington is a natural-born story teller himself, and really adds to the ambiance set in each episode. This is a great one to listen to when you’re out driving in the darkness of night!

The Drabblecast: This is an audio fiction podcast where you can find short stories from a a number of contributing authors in different genres, including science fiction, fantasy and horror.  It’s an interesting mixture of weirdness and humor that makes it entertaining, and it’s unique format that includes “drabbles” (100 word stories) and “twabbles” (100 character stories). The Drabblecast is also very fan-friendly, as many of the contributions to the podcast come from the show’s loyal audience.

Astonishing Legends: This podcast is really quite excellent at any time of year, but I especially love diving into this one around Halloween. Scott & Forrest extensively research myths, legends and other unusual events from around the world. They often interview experts or people who have first-hand experiences with the strange and unusual. These podcasts are perfect for longer road trips, because episodes tend to be well over an hour or are featured in multiple parts. It’s definitely a listening experience, where you end up learning a lot of interesting tidbits about history and the paranormal.

Blackwood: Get ready for a hair-raising new audio drama that feels like a mixture of Stanger Things and The Blair Witch Project. This six-part fictional series takes place in Blackwood, Connecticut and follows three teens who start a podcast about local legend The Blackwood Bugman. Their summer project quickly takes a darker turn then expected, when someone works to make sure their secrets stay buried. I’ve listened to all of the available episodes so far, and I’m definitely interested in seeing where this show goes!

And That’s Why We Drink: This podcast is great, because it combines our love of the paranormal and true crime. It’s hosted by duo Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz and has a laid-back vibe that feels like you’re hanging out with a couple of your friends. Grab a glass of wine while diving into these interesting and frightening stories that makes our world a little less boring and a lot more scary.

Jim Harold’s Campfire: The Campfire is one of the earliest podcasts and has been around for over a decade. For those of you that are “Coast to Coast AM” fans, I have a feeling you’ll really enjoy this podcast. It’s like a call-in show where people share their strange or paranormal stories with Jim Harold. it covers everything from UFO’s, ghosts, cryptids and other unusual encounters. It’s perfect for when you’re trying to get into that spooky Halloween mood.

Head on over to your favorite go-to app and check out these awesome podcasts! Let me know what you think by commenting below or come find me on social media if you want to chat about your favorite creepy podcasts if I haven’t included them here.

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Jill D from PodcastMind


New “Someone Knows Something” Season You Need To Hear

someone-knows-something-season-5If you’re a fan of the Someone Knows Something (SKS) investigative podcast series, well sit down and buckle in, because season five is finally here and you’re going to want to listen to this one.

I love finding a new podcast series that that I can completely engross myself in, especially if that series is investigating an older case where someone has been missing or murdered. Every so often, these crimes happen in towns small enough that everyone knows each other’s names, the town happenings, or they even personally knew the victim.

SKS features compelling investigations into unsolved cold cases, where award winning director David Ridgen interviews people in the communities he visits, including families of the victims and potential suspects thought to be involved. The victims’ stories are told through the eyes of their community, which has been impacted by the loss of their loved one. This, along with David’s insights and dynamic narrative makes listening to this podcast an immersive journey that you find yourself lost in.

Season 5 of SKS takes us to the small mining community Thompson in northern Manitoba. David investigates the murder of Kerrie Brown, a 15-year-old teen who initially went missing from a house party on October 16, 1986. It wasn’t until two days had passed that her body was found on the outskirts of town. Later into the investigation, a suspect is arrested and charged, however a trial never comes to fruition. Witnesses and suspects are interviewed by David with the help of Kerrie’s older brother and reveals a surprising twist on previously overlooked evidence.

I’ve been a fan of this podcast series since the very beginning, and you can’t help it but feel connected to each case. It’s good, solid investigative journalism that shines new light into a case that has been sitting dormant for years. I’ve been able to listen to the first couple of episodes of season 5, and so far, it promises to be an intense investigation that I can’t wait to hear more of.

I already have so many questions from the first couple of episodes, and just feel like this season is going to be a roller-coaster ride, especially once more information and evidence continues to be revealed throughout the series. Hearing from Kerrie’s family and friends really is heart breaking, because you hear about how Kerrie’s death has impacted their lives, and that even though over thirty years have passed, their pain is still so evident and fresh.

Podcasts like this give a voice to the victims and their families, and I’m always fascinated by the cases where new evidence is uncovered, helping to bring closure to the investigation. That’s what I’m really hoping for with Kerrie’s case.

Head on over to your favorite go-to podcast app and subscribe to Someone Knows Something and let me know what you think by commenting below. You can also come and find me on social media if you want to chat about it.

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If you like this then you’ll also enjoy Uncover: Escaping NXIVM which is another CBC investigative podcast exploring widespread allegations that the so-called humanitarian group NXIVM, is actually a cult.

Until next time my friends,






Uncover: Escaping NXIVM

Good day podcast world!

Can you believe that September is almost over?! It really feels like it flew by, and the fact that my city has already experienced snowfall is not only mildly heart-breaking, but feels like we’re skipping over Fall altogether.

What better way to soothe your post-summer blues then to get into a new investigative podcast series? That’s what I’ve been up to, and I really wanted to share my recent find.

If you’ve listened to and enjoyed other CBC Podcasts like Someone Knows Something and Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo, then Uncover: Escaping NXIVM is something you’re going to want to queue up in your app.

NXIVM (“Nexium”) claims to be a self-help group with a mission statement of “ethical humanitarian civilization”, but allegations that the group is actually a cult have been widespread.

This podcast series investigates the group and its leader Keith Raniere, while following the story of former member Sarah Edmondson and the events that made her realize she had to escape.

So far I’ve really been enjoying this podcast. It keeps me on my toes and I just find it really fascinating how some people are able to take advantage of the powerful need humans have to belong to something. It dives into the mindset of vulnerable people who get caught up in these seemingly humanitarian groups promoting this message of community, that end up being harmful and controlling cults.

And many of the things that Sarah describes are just disturbing, such as being branded when she accepted an invitation to be initiated into a secret women’s group called DOS. Surrounding NXIVM are allegations of sex trafficking and racketeering conspiracy, but in her 12 years of being a top level recruiter for the group, Sarah ignored all of the red flags warning her that something  was wrong.

CBC Podcasts are always pretty extensive in their research, and they do discuss the viewpoint of Keith Raniere via his lawyer, later in the investigation. I personally am a fairly skeptical person and kind of had a hard time taking what Keith’s lawyer was saying seriously, but I’m sure there will be differing opinions on that particular episode.

It’s a very interesting series that makes you want to hear more after every episode, but just keep in mind that there are some messages that come up early on that you may strongly disagree with that could be hard to listen to, such as NXIVM’s attitude towards women and their role in the community.

Head on over to your favorite go-to podcast app and subscribe to Uncover: Escaping NXIVM. Let me know what you think by commenting below, or come find me on social media if you want to chat about it!

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If you like this then you’ll also enjoy Cults by the Parcast Network, which explores the minds of cult followers and the leaders that start them.

Until next time my friends,




New Look for PodcastMind and Discover Pods Collaboration

Good day podcast friends!

I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with you all!

First of all, do you like the new look of PodcastMind? I ended up switching blogging platforms the other day (a choice I initially and completely regretted) and spent a number of hours working through the new one. So, today I’m filled with much less regret and some pride in all of the work I accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.

Secondly, I’m officially a Discover Pods contributor! We have a lot in common actually: we love podcasts and we want to help people find their new favorites. Discover Pods also covers everything from podcast news, upcoming and popular podcasts, and is built by a group of super cool people who love to share what they’ve been listening to.

And now, my friends, I am now one of those super cool people…

Well I’m a contributor at the very least, but I am so excited to be a part the team.

And guess what? My first article was just published! Head on over to Discover Pods and read my article 6 True Crime Podcast Episodes That Will Make You Lock Your Door.

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September Podcast Brunch Club Meeting

It’s like a book club, but you listen to podcasts instead! Join Saskatoon’s PBC chapter for our September meeting on the 25th, where this months playlist theme is all about OCEAN CONSERVATION.

It looks like it’s going to be a really interesting playlist!  Check out the event I’ve created on Facebook for all the details, so go  RSVP and come meet some new people.

You can sign up for the PBC Saskatoon chapter HERE and listen to the curated list, then come out for a couple of drinks and some good discussion!

Not from Saskatoon? That’s okay, because there’s a good chance that there is a chapter available in your city. If not, why not lead your own chapter, or join the PBC online community?

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See you there!
Jill D

Update on The Butterfly Effect Podcast with Ash Newlove-Episode #4

Early in July, I had the most super cool experience. I’ve spent a heck of a lot of time as a listener of podcasts, but I was recently given an awesome opportunity to be on the other side of it.

Thank you so much to the Butterfly Effect Podcast with Ash Newlove for inviting me on to grill you with questions, and for letting me be a part of the process!

For those of you that haven’t listened in yet, this podcast that talks everything from life, business, nutrition, fitness and why you should be prioritizing your own goals. It’s a really fun and inspiring listen, and I highly recommend it.

You can find my more detailed review of the podcast HERE and find out why you should tune in, and the episode where I sat down with Ash and asked her listener questions is HERE.

Tell me what you think!  Comment below, or come find me on social media if you want to have a chat about it!

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The Butterfly Effect Podcast with Ash Newlove

Hey there podcast world!

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but sometimes life just kicks you in the butt and side tracks you from your goals.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in that cycle of “I’ll get to that tomorrow,” “I should prioritize this other thing right now” and “I just don’t have the energy or time for this today,” but then it’s the end of the month and this wave of realization comes crashing down on you when you haven’t accomplished any of the goals you set out for yourself at the start.

That, my friends, is the cycle that I’ve been stuck in lately. I’ve got these big life changes that are speeding down the road at me, and I’ve spent so much of my energy focusing on being stressed and overwhelmed by it all.

It’s felt like this downward spiral that started with not feeling like going to the gym, not taking the time to meal plan, making poor food choices, and of wanting to sit down and write but instead focusing the energy that I do have on being stressed. Ultimately, all of these things have led to me not feeling like myself lately.

But here I am writing on this beautiful Monday of the May long weekend, because I’m starting to get the spark back, and for part of that spark, I have to send my gratitude to Ash Newlove and her new podcast, Butterfly Effect.

Ashlyn Newlove is a super passionate and outgoing fitness and nutrition coach here in Saskatoon who runs an online program The Sweat Effect, which helps people make health and fitness a priority in a fun and convenient way. Her podcast has a very different approach from other podcasts, where she invites guests onto her show and they interview her. Guest hosts bring their questions and topics of expertise, and Ashlyn uses her own life experience to have in-depth conversations about healthy living, business, and happiness.

The first episode really hit home a lot of things for me, and made me realize that I needed to reevaluate what I was focusing on day to day. I felt so inspired after listening to her first episode, because it reminded me about the goals I made for myself this year and why I originally thought they were so important.

Ashlyn’s first guest host is her good friend Courtney Berg, who is the owner of Vitality Nutrition and is a CrossFit Games Regionals competitor. I really loved this first episode because 1) they both used their extensive fitness and nutrition knowledge to have a really interesting conversation and 2) it made me feel like I was hanging out with a couple of my girlfriends and I just felt really connected to what they were saying.

Needless to say, I’m hooked and could use a lot more of this kind of positivity in my life. If only I could binge multiple episodes at a time!

So, while I am very impatiently waiting for the next episode and constantly refreshing my feed, I strongly recommend that you head on over to iTunes, SoundCloud or Castbox to listen to the first episode and subscribe to the podcast.

Let me know what you think by commenting below, or come find me on social media if you want to chat about it!

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Until next time my friends,



4 Podcasts That Will Help You Get Through Wedding Planning

Hello podcast land!

Today I wanted to share something a little more personal, because it has been on my mind for quite a while now and is REALLY starting to stress me out.

I’m getting married this summer to my high school sweetheart of 12 years, so for the last year I’ve been wedding planning. I used to dream about the excitement of finally getting to go through this process, but now that I’m actually in the thick of it, I’ve learned two very important things about myself:

1. I’m a very indecisive event planner, and I struggle to make timely decisions about things.
2. I’m not as chill as I thought I’d be through this process and tend to get overwhelmed easily.

There are a lot of small details that I never thought I’d care about. Yet here I am, losing sleep about ridiculous things like “will the sashes I excitedly bought early on clash with the rest of the colors I chose?” The answer turned out to be shit, of course they clash! This is what my bridesmaids have been telling me all along, and now I have to find new chair sashes.

Oh, and I’m also stubborn, but I learned that about myself  a long time ago.

So of course, I turned to the world of podcasts to see if I could find some people out there that could help me or make me feel better about the process. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found, and wanted to share these podcasts with anyone else also feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the craziness that is planning your wedding!

The Bridechilla Podcast

Okay, so I might be in love with Aleisha Maddock. Not only is her lovely Aussie accent a treat for the ears, but she offers great advice for a no bullshit wedding planning approach, and damn has she been helpful!

She interviews a lot of people that work in the wedding industry, and answers questions that her community has. Also, let’s talk about the Bridechilla Community on Facebook, which is one of the most supportive and close-knit groups I’ve come across yet. It’s just a bunch of awesome people supporting one another, offering their advice and solutions or looking for inspiration. So far I’ve just been a lurker in the group, but will probably seek advice in the near future.

I’ve always been a people pleaser, but the Bridechilla podcast has inspired me to chuck old school traditions I never wanted, to stop focusing so hard on other people’s opinions and plan the wedding that I actually want. No more drama for this girl!

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

This podcast rocks the socks right off my feet. The hosts Michelle and Christy are two wedding consultants who have been in the business for quite a while, and they share their knowledge and experience.

It’s kind of like having a couple of your own wedding planners who help you out with the logistics and details of your wedding day. They go through things like what you need to know about catering, the wedding day timeline, and I was really pumped to see their “How to DJ Your Own Wedding” episode, because that’s my plan and I thought I was a crazy person for taking that on. HA! Validation!

I really like the vibe and sense of humor the hosts have, so I definitely spent a lot of time binging this podcast! Plan that wedding! 

The Secret Life of Weddings

So this podcast isn’t exactly going to help you plan your wedding, but it will definitely make you feel better about whatever drama you’ve been experiencing.

The Secret Life of Weddings is basically a podcast where people submit their wedding shit show horror stories, and they are entertaining as hell and will occasionally disturb you.

The hosts Lisa and Rebecca are wedding photographers, and listening to their podcast feels like you’re chilling with a couple of gal pals. Hearing other peoples’ horror stories helps to relieve your own stress and you think to yourself, “well, my wedding couldn’t possibly go that badly!” If it does, then at least you’ll have a place to submit your own stories once the big day is all said and done.

If you’re new to this podcast, I recommend that you DON’T start with episode 30, because you should really ease yourself into it, and it’s probably the most nightmarish thing that could happen on your wedding day.

Put a Ring On It

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to the Put a Ring On It podcast. This show is hosted by Daniel (a photographer) and Danielle (a wedding coordinator). These two come together to provide insider knowledge with their quirky personalities and unique perspectives on the industry.

They give solid advice in all areas of wedding planning, but I especially love their “Dear Dans” episodes because a) I love a good pun and they seem to appreciate them too and b) they take time to answer listener questions and concerns.

I get the sense that they really care, and I’m always waiting for Daniel to “pull back the veil” on wedding traditions or expectations, which also makes me giggle even though he says it almost every single episode.

So these are the podcasts I’ve been listening to lately to help me get through these next 120 days! It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in the planning process, because these awesome podcasts will have you covered for whatever you might have questions on.

Go have a listen and let me know what you think! You can find me on Facebook or Twitter. Come join the PodcastMind Community and talk about your favorite podcasts!

Until next time my friends, take care!